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How to sell

During the deposit of a lot, the auctioneer gives a first estimation and studies the best terms of sale for the depositor: name, section, catalog, publicity... The seller can fix a minimum and confidential reserve price below which the object will not be sold, the A B C auction house reserving the right to accept or not a lot.

Deposit of a lot by the seller:

The seller receives a copy of the deposit slip with the description, the estimation and the possible reserve price of the lot.

Expenses seller:

15 %, including the VAT, to deduct from the price of auction of the lot.

3€ to 5€ by lot for management fees of file, including the insurances, can be counted you.
Particular conditions for the professionals as well as for the important depositors.


Six weeks after the sale.

The present conditions apply to all deposit. The seller accept them from the deposit of these objects.

The depositor guarantees at A B C auction house that he is real owner of the good whom he puts on sale and whom this one is free of any responsibilities, recourses or any obstacles.

Responsible for the depositor towards to A B C auction house or the buyer, any expenses, any complaints or recourse engendered by the intervention of a third party as for the property of the lot.

The depositor cannot get back the good put on sale before his auction in public sale, except preliminary and express agreement of the auction house.

It's forbidden for the depositor to make a higher bid on his the good during the auction, personally or whatever intermediary it is.

The unsold lots must be removed under 30 days or proposed in a later vacation, having decreased of 30% the reserve price. The A B C auction house reserves the right of the future of lots remained not removed under 30 days or not handed on sale in a later vacation.

The A B C auction house is not responsible concening the failure of a buyer, if, in the working fortnight which follow the sale, the lot is not paid by the buyer.

The A B C auction house will inform the depositor and will decide on measures to be exercised against the buyer. The depositor will be not entitled on anay account to late-payment interest and the sale will be simply cancelled if no payment reaches us.