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S.P.R.L. A B C

Quai au Bois de Construction, 6



Phone: +32 2 219 92 99

V.AT.: BE 0839.976.943

CURRENT ACCOUNT: 363-0921594-37

IBAN: BE17 3630 9215 9437


The Auction House A B C. brings you, whether you are private, professional or business, its knowledge to optimize the sale of your art, furniture, silverware, porcelain, paintings, antiquies and others.

We also help you during a succession, estimation for shares or collection, and departure for retirement homes in order to facilitate your management of these events. We study all the possibilities with you for your best interests. We provide, also, the needful logistic.


We are here for you to appraise, for free, your items and other goods:


Each sale is covered by the daily press and the specialized press.

For all sales, a catalog is published and available, for free, during the exhibitions and sales, including a promotion on our website. Each prize are described with photographs and are estimated as objectively as possible.

Before any sale, we proceed with sending a mailing. If you wish to receive information, send us your email address using the contact form on our website or opening your account under "my catalog".


Three options are available to come to our offices:


Buyers, we can send to you small items (silverware, porcelain, crystal ...) to all destinations using the postal services or a specialized transportation service.

To send larger object by carrier, please contact us.