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Terms of sale

1. All the participation at the auction of A B C auction house involves the unconditional acceptance of the terms of sale below. These conditions are shown in the room, available for consultation by all, in the catalog and the other documents appropriate for A B C auction house. These conditions also apply to every depositors and visitors.

2. The sale is made in according to the order established in the catalog and in the conditions of sales established by A B C auction house. The auctioneer and the bailiff reserve the right to re-shout a sale in case of contesting or error of auction, to suspend a sale, to refuse a bid, to remove lots of the sale if they consider that the bids are insufficient or are not freely made, the right to modify the digital order of the catalog, divide or collect lots. Any contesting about a bid will be supremely cut by the bailiff instrumenting the sale, no recourse can be made against its decision.

3. All sale must be paid before the claim of lots and in cash, with an increase for expenses on the 25 % auction VAT included and for administrative expenses of 3 € by lot without, if needed, the following rights. The following right, 4%, applies for the European Union member states artists and countries out of the European Union where according to the law, the following right is applicable, and it until 70 years after the year of the death of the artist.


4. Every buyer is considered for having acted for his own account and considered as personally person in charge of the lots whom it is brought to acquire as representative and is necessary settle the amount it before their claims.

5. The payment and the claim of lots has to be made during 5 days which follow the public sale.
Crossed this deadline, A B C action house reserves the right to hand lots remained outstanding on sale for crazy bid and responsible for the one to whom they were awarded, and it without preliminary formal demand.
We propose several methods of shipping for lot. Please, contact ABC auction house as for delays, destinations, management and rates of shippings.

6. The description of the lot put on sale, and resumed in the catalog, must be considered as purely indicative and cannot be subject to complaint as for their states, grades made by the measures, of period, of quantities, weight, names and the other, the public being only judge to notice, during the days of preliminary exhibitions, the nature and the state of objects presented by auction, any object, even under shop window, which could be examined by meadows on simple request of the public.

7. Everyone who buys by Internet without having seen it one or several lots, cannot dispute the purchase in case one or several lots would be not corresponding. Photos and additional details can be asked before any purchase by Internet.

8. A B C auction house will not tolerate any complaint after the auction. Any dispute or contesting about a bid will be settle by the bailiff draw up, supremely, the sale. Any appeal can't be made against its decision.

9. All damage caused to lots resumed in the catalog, in the other goods or in the persons during the exhibition, the deposit or the claim of the goods must be compensated by the person in charge. A B C auction house not substituting itself for the responsibilities of others.

10. In case of dispute, the Brussels courts are only competent.