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How to buy

All sales are preceded by an exhibition during two days (Saturday and sunday from 10.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m., non-stop) where the staff and the experts of A B C the auction house are held at your disposal. Lots, which compose every sale, are detailed on our site and a catalog is at your disposal in the auction room. However, we recommend to the buyers to take advantage of these days of exhibition to judge by them even the state and the quality of the put on sale lots.



The buyer, who wishes to attend the sale, register from its arrival and receives a number. At each lot which is awarded to him, it is necessary show it to the auctioneer in order to brought together the purchases.

You outbid without having taken the care of taking a number? Relax, we are there to solve this detail quickly.


The buyer can trust us a purchase order, a document on which he writes down the numbers of lots, the description from the catalog and the maximum amount of purchase, except fees and accessories, which he wishes to attribute to the lot.

( The forms of purchase order are at the disposal of the public during the exhibitions.)


The buyer can leave a purchase order by mentioning "to phone" for the lots where he wishes to be contacted by the auction house to transmit us his instructions during the sale of the lots which he wishes to acquire.

( The forms of purchase order are at the disposal of the public during the exhibitions.)


The buyer can leave, on our website, his purchase orders by having taking care of opening an account in the section "my catalog".


* If two purchase orders, handed by buyers, concern the same lot for the same amount, preference will be given to the first put deposited offer.

* The A B C auction house cannot be held responsible of possible errors written by the buyer concerning the number of the lot, its description, his number phone and the other information concerning him.

To help you at the best in your purchases, the buyer will have to supply any information who could be asked him by A B C auction house.


The buyer acts only on his behalf and for his personal account, for the lots which he would have acquired as representative. He is bound by the auction. However, A B C auction house remains always free to refuse the auction, even after the end of the bids, without having of it to motivate its decision.

The buyer will pay the amount of the bid increased by 25 % for commission, VAT included, and 3 € for administrative expenses per lot. The payment and the claim of lots has to be made during 5 days which follow the public sale. The modest volume lot which can be exceptionally claim during the sale, thank you for making the request immediately after the auction.

The buyer acquires the property of the lot only when the payment is complete and definitive. He can receive delivery only when this payment became definitive (to see the information as for the payment conditions in " the terms of payment ").

We remind you that the risks incurred on lots are completely transferred to the buyer immediatly after the auction. It's the same thing concerning the packaging, the handling and the transport.

According to the Belgian legislation, relative to the copyright and to similar rights, the buyer is also, where necessary, indebted of the following right for the benefit of the artists and the authors of the sold works, in addition to the total sale price of the lot. This obligation remains even in case the complaint of these rights would intervene after the sale and the claim of the lot, without time limit.

The A B C auction house will not intervene in the possible dispute concerning the justified character or not of the complaint of the following rights.